Monday, June 29, 2009

Soo !!!!!
How are you all=????
So tomarrow my friend Balbisss is coming to scrap at my house! I am so excited!!! I am thinking of making a video tutorial with her??? Do you have any requests??? Please tell me! I can even show you how to emboss! I have not used my embossing tool! So if you want to see the first time I use it just comment about what you want to see!!! If you want to see a tutorial on any card just comment!!!!! So today I actually went to Balisss house and make a horrible card!!! I am not going to show the result of it because it turned out so disgusting!!! I was trying to place some brads at the bottom of the card and I punched out the little holes so crooked!!! It was all so wierd :/// Soooooo I think tomarrow it will be a better day creating cards! I HOPE!!!! I sometimes need to rest my brain for a while and then..... after a while I start getting ideas!!! But sometimes I TRY and I TRY getting ideas and I can not have them!!! So I go online on a blog and look for ideas!Anyways have you followed me at twitter??? Well if you have not followed me.. do it right now!!! Here is the link to my page on twitter! Just click on it!! sooo follow me and I will follow you!!! I always post what I am doing sometimes I post links to pictures, videos, webistes, blogs and etc.. So you may want to visit! Anyways I am going to go to another trip in 2 weeks... Beach baby beach!!! So I am going to rest alot!! I am going for two weeks and going to post only the second week .. I am going to start posting on the 20 it is a monday! Soo I may put some photos of the beach or mabye I can do a video!!! So I am going on that vacation and I think its my last one :( I wish I can go on another trip in which I could shop more!! So I got to get going and cook something.. like a late snack! And I have to update my twitter so.. see you later!!!


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