Monday, July 6, 2009


I am so glad that the weeks are comming closer to the day when i go to the beach! This Sunday I arrive at the airport at 2:00 pm and the airplane flight is till 4:00 ! Lots of time waiting, right??? But well it is going to be wonderfull! I am not posting cards and projects while I am at the beach, I will mabye post or photos or videos.. I dont know! So I have to get packing lots of sunblock!!

Anyways changing of subject I have the magazine all ready to go. But I have a problem :( I dont know how to post it here at my blog like a PDF flie, so if you are interested of seeing the magazine just email me at and just ask for the the magazine document, I will send you the magazine as an attachment to each and evry one of you! So just email me!

So I got to get going, and see you guys later!!!

Have a good evening :)

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