Thursday, July 9, 2009

kristina's challenge.. just loved it!

Hi ya! So I decided to participate on Kristina Werner challenge at her blog! It is all about using an item you never use, or dont know how to use it! I LOVED HOW MY CARD TURNED OUT! And the product in that card that I never use is the ribbon.. its from Making Memories. AND I HAVE NEVER FOUND OUT HOW TO USE IT!! I once tried making a knot with it but it did not work, so I just left it there at the back of a drawer! (poor ribbon ) :( But now that Kristina made this challenge I got to use it! I just tapped it with a glue gun! And look what I got! Well I hope you liked this card! And I hope that I can participate on Kristina's Challenges because they are so much fun! LOVE THEM! (but never have the chance to get on them.. as I said I dont have time) So hope to get making more cards, and getting on more challenges! See you all later!!!

Sophianna :)