Monday, September 7, 2009

Prima flower card

Hello all! This is going to be a long post since I am very board and sick. Yes I am sick :( The good news is that I dont have the flu! :) I went to the doctor to check me up and I have a throught infeccion! It is very hurtfull but I will try my best so it does not hurt! So I am here at my house siiting all alone in my bedroom just posting some blog posts. I think I might do 2 or 3 times a week long posts saying what I am doing and etc... Moving on with the good stuff you might want to know is the new card I made today after doing the sketch for Mojo Monday which is SO much FUN! I am reall going to do each Monday sketch, and did ou here each first Monday of each month they give out prizes!How exciting! Well let me tell you about that card I made. It is so cute because it is very colorfull, and very chic. I have a video of it and I will post it on Thursday so watch out for that! So basiclly the card has some foam letter stickers from American Crafts and I use lots of Prima Flowers. Hope you have liked my creation and see you later because I have to go and drink my medicines!


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