Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas card swap


I just finished a Christmas card swap!!!! I had to do 12 3x3!!! I ma very tired!! I finished them all in 30 minutes!!! FAST!!!! I also got the chance to take video of a Christmas card which I will be posting later or tomorrow!!! I just uploaded my December mini album to you tube and already made a post about it!!! Check that out in a older post!!! This week has been very tired for me!!!! I have lots of cards to finish, and lots of tags to deliver to some customers!!! I always get excited but nervous near Christmas! December is just always like that! So have you seen that Stampin Up! Is having a discount on their dies and big kick machine!!! AMAZING! There are really good deals! I recommend you to check them out!!! Right now I am planning on what to wear on a family Christmas party each year we have!!! Do you ever go to big parties with all of your family???? I do… hahahaha… so I have been updating more my twitter!! That's a good thing! I remember that when I first created my account each minute I posted something!!!!! I am now posting about 7 times a week. Not bad. Huh?? Do you have a twitter? LEAVE A COMMENT TO ADD YOU!!! Well I got to get going to finish editing my Christmas card video to upload to You Tube!


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  1. Can't wait to see the vid. A Twitter, not this girl, I'm not a techy at all. I discovered the internet a few years ago. LOL