Friday, July 3, 2009

i love you

Hello! I am happy I got time today to make a card!!!! So its just a very simple card, but I really liked the layout of it! I wanted to play with my paper and twist the typical cardmaking style! So I hope you like it! I am posting at a late hour and the reason is that I decided too make more kits on the CD Cover I posted below. I am tomarrow showing my friend balbisss some exciting projects and well I think that its very little to have only 2 projects! So I decided to make another one! I will make tomarrow another kit and its just a Cupcake Pick that is decorated! I got the idea from my Stampin Up! demonstrador webiste. Heres a picture of what I am trying to make.

Tomarrow I will post you the result of it!!! So catch you up later with more projects :)

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