Friday, July 3, 2009

Hi! So I have not had the chance to blog more! I am so sorry if you were waiting on something!! I am so busy right now, I am going to give Balbisss some classes and I am getting all ready! I had to make 2 kits and instructions for her, and well I have to have all ready! So I am so sorry! Today I am posting the instructions and the photos on the classes I am going to give balbiss. Her blog address is... hope you can go and visit!! So here are the instructions and pictures for the classes I am going to give her!!!

Lollipop card

Pice of cardstock that measures 6 X 3
3 purple brads
Wooden lollipop stick
Gold ink
Strong glue

1. First of all fold your cardstock paper into half.

2. Ink all edges of the card with gold ink. Don’t do it perfectly!!

3. Attach the 3 brads at the right corner of the card

4. Now paste the wooden lollipop stick at the back of the card so it looks like a lollipop.

5. Now attach a ribbon on the wooden lollipop stick and make a knot to it!

By: Sophianna Designs


4 strips of different patterned paper cut into 1 ¼ X 3
Pice of cardstock that measures 6 X 3

Adhere a strip of patterned paper at the bottom of bookmark that has the following colors in it: yellow, green, and blue.

Above that adhere a patterned paper which has soft blue polka dots

Above that adhere the plain soft purple paper.

And above that adhere the glittery polka dot paper!

Now make a hole with the Cutterfly at the top of the bookmark.

Attach a ribbon and make a knot!

By: Sophianna Designs

Hope you try them! See you later with more projects :)

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