Wednesday, July 1, 2009

CD Case

Hi! How are you all! I am so excited about the catalog!! Anyway I just made this project, it is a CD case!!! It was so easy to make! The case measures 5 X 5, so I pasted a patterned paper that measured 5X5 in the front of the case, and then pasted another pice of cardstock a bit shorter at the back of the case.. (sorry I dont have that measurment :( (its about 3X5), and then I traced the little paper which you close the case in the same patterned paper then I cut it and paste it! After that I embossed the stamp with a deep purple powder on a white cardstock and then cut a larger pice of cardstockto paste at the back. Then I pasted all together! here are some pictures the first 2 are the result front and back and the other pictures are how gthe case was before I decorated!!!

See you later!!!
Sophianna :)

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