Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hello! So today is my first day trying the post idea I had! I hope it worked! Comment if it did! So well here is the card that I made for today to share with all of you guys! So I just used some chipboard from a unowned brand.. Just bought it someday at Michaels while it was at sale so I decided to us them for this occasion! I really liked the result of it! Simple and clean just like I like it. Whoops and I almost forgot to mention that the ribbon is also from Michaels and it was also at sale! bought all of that together some day I went to buy some stuff! I almost forgot to mention that I am so sorry for the bad lighting at my photo! It is so much trouble fining out which place its the best to take your photo! Does anyone of you have any tips on taking photos with lighting?? If you do post a comment telling me how! I need so much help from you guys! And I don't really know if I have readers at my blog.. Well see you tomorrow with another post! See ya!
Sophianna :)

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  1. When you take pics...
    1. Make sure you take them in daylight e.g by a window.
    2. Don't lay the card down flat - instead, put it in a upright standing position and take the picture like that :) (see my pics for examples)

    Cute card!