Monday, October 12, 2009

Haul October 2009

This is my October haul. I just came back from a trip, and I am very excited on the new stuff I bought! I know I did not buy that much but I really liked what I bought! Very dfferent stuff I had never bought before so it is exciting to change a bit on my scarpbooking supplies! I am so on mini albums! I just can not wait showing my mini album which is going to be posted in about 1 or 2 weeks! I dont know what I am making of . What can it be? Any ideas? If you have ideas please comment them below! Also I am doing a new thing which I have to say I got the idea from So what I am going to do is that 30 of you will have to post a comment telling me a material I will have to use on my next mini album! So the first 30 comments I get on THIS post will be the ones that will be used on my mini album. So hope you comment fast!

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