Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So.. Today I created only one card... It was using all my new supplies I bought on
my trip. Some paterned papar from K&Company and the other 3 cardstock from
American Traditional Designs the stamps are from Autum Leavs and the are called
Mindys Zoo . I just embossed it with yellow embossing powder, and drew the heart
with a sharpie and then filled the inside with fabric paint and ta da! So it
turned out preety good better than yesterdays!
So I am reading this book from
Martha Stewart! Here is a picture of it}

Its so interesting!! Its really worth buying.. You can buy it over atamazon.. The book sort of tells you Martha Stewarts life and what she did to have what she has today! I started reading this book and I discoverd she was a model! Like I never knew she was a MODEl! So I did knew that... I also learned that to have a buissnes you have to have all materials you need to be nearby. If you need a sort of ingridient for a dish you can not find at U.S.A you should not sell that dish.. So I really liked the format of this book since Martha Stewart is the author! Its really interesting! And I almost forgot to tell you that Martha Stewart was in prison! So it was really a big surprice to know that my admire was in jail.. hahaha. So I really reccomend it!
So the following photo is a sketch book that Kristina Werner made. It has little boxes for your sketches. So I printed 8 sheets of the PDF she has at her blog. I printed them both sides so I could have more little boxes to sketch my cards! So here is the result of it!

I liked how the ribbon did not look so hidden in the patterned paper. It sort of standed out of the patterned paper! Actually its the same paper as the card above.... Its a great packet of paper its very colorfull, lots of shapes its just fantastic! So I just stapled all the sheets folded in half and then I glued the patterned paper to the cardstock . I think its a great idea of having a sketch book at the hand, because you plan out everything and the result s cleaner and more planned out! So I really hope you go to Kristina Werner Blog and download the PDF heres the link to the post were she has them http://www.kwernerdesign.com/blog/?p=1672 go and check it out!
I cant wait to see all the new complete catalog of stampin up!! When I see all the catalog I will make a post on what I like the most! I am so excited!!! I cant wait! So, its
So anyways I am going to change to pijamas and stay tunned for more posts!
Sophianna :)

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